Zoom Quick Start Series – Mini-course


Quick Zoom training start up...

This 6 part Zoom Training Series covers:


  • Beginner Branding Setup,
  • How to Setup a Zoom Background Image
  • Creating Effective Zoom Email Reminders,
  • How to Setup a Multi-day Webinar,
  • Guide to Webinar Registration Sign-up Questions
  • Difference between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar


The Completion Level of Your Training.


Beginners Quantumleap Using Zoom Series

Create a Professional Brand in Zoom

Being an Instant Professional in Zoom

If you want to learn how to set up your branding in Zoom to look like a porfessional then this video is a step-by-step demonstration on how to do that. After watching this video you will know how to set up branding elements in Zoom as a great beginner's guide to Zoom.


How to Set Up Registration Questions in a Zoom Webinar

Get Your Attendees to Tell You What They Want and Expect in Your Presentation - Be Prepared!  

If you want help to prepare your webinar content precisely, then ask your registrants questions as they register for the webinar. This way you have the inside scoop. This Zoom lesson shows you how to do exactly that. You can set up registration questions and the answers will help you in your presentation. Here is the step by step in the Zoom webinar platform.


How to Setup Zoom Email Reminders Simply and Easily


Get Your Webinar Filled and Remind Your Attendees the Right Way!  Don't Miss This Critical Step.


Reminder them to come and you also want to email those people who did not attend your webinar to connect with you later or to watch a replay. 

To know how to set up Zoom email reminders,  then watch this video. It will take you through step by step,  simply and easily.


How to Quickly Set Up a Multi-Day Webinar in Zoom

How to Setup Your Background Image for Your Webinar

Difference Between Zoom Meeting vs Zoom Webinar

Want to Know the Difference

Between a Meeting and a Webinar?

Read on... 

Difference Between Zoom Meeting vs Zoom Webinar is key to selecting which platform to use for what scenario. This video training will show you the difference between zoom meeting and zoom webinar so that you can reach your meeting and webinar goals when you know the difference between zoom meeting and zoom webinar.