Welcome! My name is Tracy Repchuk – I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1985 and I created the “ReachMillions Academy” from the successful actions I’ve applied for myself, and thousands of clients. Look for what you need next in your business, and get started on the course that’s perfect for you.


Power Strategy

Establish your presence and grow you connections with the expert strategies in this course. Start creating your profile, defining your professional content, to your history, education and extras all considering the SEO features in LinkedIn. You optimize your profile sections and learn to excel in Linkedin networking.


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Take Your Message and #ReachMillions with It!

Mastering Youtube Marketing

Starting with the 2nd largest search engine, this course guides you through steps to help you Skyrocket Your Presence and Increase Your Followers on Youtube. The idea is with more eyes on your videos, and with the right content and call to action, these viewer will want to find out more about you by visiting your products and website.

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Includes 10 Step by Step – How To Videos

Deep Advanced Training includes:

  • Youtube and Blogging Strategy
  • Building a Massive Following
  • Youtube Traffic Weapon
  • Creating Your Youtube marketing Plan
  • Boosting Youtube Ranking
  • Increasing Views and Traffic Tricks

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Monetizing Your Instagram

Here are the steps to knock your Instagram presence right out of the park and turn it into a powerful marketing channel. This course includes a quick jumpstart series of videos designed to get you going in the Instagram space quickly. It’s all about visualizing your brand. 

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This course includes a quick jumpstart series of videos designed to get you going in the Instagram space quickly.

Follow sections in the course provides detailed step by step training videos.

Video Training includes:

  • Instagram Basics
  • Instagram Design and Grid
  • Power in the #Hashtags
  • Finding Followers
  • Top 10 Marketing Power Tools
  • Marketing Tips
  • Instagram Do’s and Don’ts
  • The Secrets to a Successful Post
  • Promotional Strategies

and more.

PLUS get an Instagram Marketing Guide and
an Instagram Monetization Checklist

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Facebook Live Mastery

This training series lays out the best techniques and training for getting the most out of Facebook Live. There are optimized startup steps and hacks including cool ideas to broaden your marketing and to quickly jump-start you in FB Live. Plus get full background training and information on live streaming using FB LIVE with step by step .

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Get full background training and information on live streaming using FB LIVE with step by step videos.

The sections included in this course are:

  • Jump into using Facebook LIVE
  • Background and Training for Facebook LIVE
  • How-To’s to Quantumleap Your Marketing with FB Live
  • Over 25 training videos

PLUS get these downloads:

FB Live Authority Guide (150 page)
The FB Live Authority 8 page Checklist and best practices,
The FB Live Mindmap giving you the complete picture.

Get up and going and expanding with FB LIVE marketing in this detailed complete course.

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Just a Few Focused Hours a Month Could Guarantee Your Success!

You can finally give yourself the help you need, the answers you seek and the clarity you need to move forward effectively and with confidence

Did you know that good time management is simply about making better choices?

Is your message worth getting out there in such a way that your prospects can easily find you, know what you do, and you build a relationship in which they know, like and trust you rapidly to accelerate your sales and conversions.

You are brilliant at what you do, and are destined to make an impact, reach millions and live a legacy, all you need to do is take that first step.

Your Destiny And Opportunity Is Always Outside Of Your Comfort Zone. The Only Thing That Holds You Back – Is You. Choose To Be Great, And Live Your Calling. Get The Answers You Need To Launch – Grow – And Leverage Your Online Presence.

Here’s to your continued awesomeness!

Tracy RepchuK 

Establish Your Brand from End to End and Reach Millions with Your Message.



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You are probably busy running your business, living your life, and it takes effort to schedule in your skills growth. That is why you can and move through this at your own pace and it works for busy people like you – who need to know how to take your business to the next level, and want to know the fastest way to do it.

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